Enjoy eroticism like never before with one of the most experienced gigolos of the Netherlands

Dutch online magazine ‘Ze.nl’

The originally Dutch article ‘Ik ben gigolo’, from the Dutch online magazine ‘ze.nl’, can be read here. Text by Jet. The translated text of the article is written out below.

“I am a gigolo!”

“I was born and raised in a Liemers village east of Arnhem, where I had a normal childhood. When I was 21 I met my ex and then I lived with her in Arnhem for fourteen years. After two years, she got through her work a burnout. She suggested that I occasionally visit a lady of pleasure, because she herself had little need for eroticism at that time. I was dumbfounded, the idea had never occurred to me.”

Swingers clubs

“Visiting a prostitute didn’t appeal to me (mandatory number) and through the grapevine I found Swingers Club Kasteel Waterloo in Beesel. Sexually active couples come here and – unlike many other swingers clubs – single men are also allowed to go here. After my first visit I was sold: heaven on earth. I visited the club almost every Friday. A wonderful start to the weekend. The next morning I told my girlfriend how it had been. She loved it and gave me this wholeheartedly.

I told her that these women enjoyed eroticism enormously and when my girlfriend felt better again after two years, I asked her if she would also like to try this. In the following weeks we discussed the subject further and then made our first joint visit to a nice, civilized swingers club. During our first three visits to the club, there was no exchange of partners. My girlfriend still had to get used to it, but after that she also got the hang of it. In the years that followed, we visited various clubs in the Netherlands and Germany twice a month on average. The fact that our relationship came to an end had nothing to do with eroticism. We see each other every week.”

Working as a gigolo

“The fact that I offer myself as a gigolo is because I had read the magazine Stout by Heleen van Royen. In it she described how difficult it was to find a gigolo and that he couldn’t do much about it. When I told my ex, she said: “You must do this!” I had gained a lot of experience over the years and received the necessary compliments about my ‘loving’ women, and I knew by now that I could ‘do it’ (as far as you can say for yourself). My ex encouraged me to keep going.

I searched the internet in the Netherlands and Germany and came to the conclusion that the level of the offer was pitiful (read: vulgar). In the meantime I had also understood from various studies that men cannot make a living from the ‘gigolo’ profession. I myself have had my own business in business services for five years, from which I earn my living. My ‘work’ as a gigolo is my leisure time.”


“It gives me great satisfaction to let a woman enjoy eroticism. With patience, respect, warmth and a sense of humanity, I often manage to lift a woman over a threshold. If I manage to (again) let them enjoy, then that gives me a lot of satisfaction. If a woman enjoys eroticism, then I also enjoy myself. I find every appointment exciting and thrilling.”

How much is a date?

“The cost of a first visit is €300,- for 3 to 4 hours all-in. Only if a hotel is chosen, the cost of the room will also be added. Add travel time, petrol and the cost of (under) clothing together and you understand that this is not profitable. But that is not necessary. I enjoy my ‘hobby’ to the fullest. It gives me great satisfaction to let a woman enjoy eroticism.”

Make a date…

“For a woman, the threshold is quite high to call or email a gigolo. In general, there is a number of email contacts prior to an appointment. I send photos of myself. First without a face, then with a face and then in underwear. The mail contact gives me an impression of the wishes and experience of the woman or couple in question. In principle, I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Different types of clientele

“You can divide my dates into 4 groups, each group is about the same size.

1. Single young women 

They would like to gain more erotic experience and find it exciting to make an appointment to be loved.

2. Couples

These are modern young couples who want to try out a threesome as ‘icing on the cake’. But also couples where the man finds it exciting that his wife is doing it with someone else and the woman finds it exciting that her husband is watching.

3. Divorced women

Most are recently divorced and have small children. The second group is divorced and has grown up children.

4. Married women

The majority are in an unhappy relationship, in which the eroticism also leaves much to be desired. The second group has a man with a busy job, is bored and looking for excitement.”

Fantasy becomes reality

“Many women generally need time. That is why I always suggest starting with a non-erotic relaxation massage in which the woman keeps her panties and bra on. This is to relieve the tension a bit. The second phase is an erotic massage of the neck , back, buttocks. The third phase is the caressing of the face, abdomen and breasts. And then…let your fantasy come true! For example, many women have never been able to experience an orgasm through stimulation of the G-spot (female ejaculation). By the way, I do everything with a condom and get STD-tested every year. Fortunately I’ve never had a venereal disease.”

Good lover…

“In the Netherlands, the ladies of pleasure are visited millions of times a year (not for nothing the oldest profession in the world). For men it is a diversion: an outlet, away from the stress. Women, on the other hand, are taught from an early age ‘To behave nicely’. Guilt and shame are talked into women. Get rid of it! For many women it would be good to relax for a few hours with a good lover…”

For more information, visit René’s website www.gigolo-rene.nl/en

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