Encounter eroticism with one of the most experienced suitors of the Netherlands, like you have never experienced it before

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You can text, whatsapp or signal me or contact me by mail or telephone. I’ll reply to your message as soon as possible.


Put on your naughty shoes. Texting a little back-and-forth feels nice and can be an exciting first step on the road to a date. You don’t have to decide whether it will eventually come to this. But do you opt for thrills and fun? Or will it be a night like any other…

We can arrange an appointment at your home or hotel. In any case, for our appointment it is important that we are somewhere where I can let you relax and enjoy in peace and without time pressure. Sex is an intimate act and during our date we will be close physically as well as emotionally. You can be sure that I will treat you with respect, love and warmth throughout. I aim to satisfy you as you wish to be satisfied.

In addition to single ladies, I also get requests from couples who find it very exciting to invite me over for night of playful, naughty fun. Having a threesome with a second man is a fantasy for almost every woman. A fantasy that can become reality with me! Men also find it very arousing watching their partner having a good time with another man.

I am 100% straight and in a threesome I am only intimate with the woman. However, I have no difficulties with the closeness of the man and his participation in relation to his partner.
*Filming and taking photos is not negotiable*

Over time, it has become socially accepted for men to use the services of escorts and visit prostitutes; it is not for nothing that prostitution is called the oldest profession in the world. Men generally do not consider this to be something to be ashamed of. They see it primarily as a way to relax and de-stress.

For women, however, a different norm applies. Women are still brought up to behave in a decent and virtuous way. Men who have had a lot of girlfriends are seen as ‘studs’. On the other hand, women who have had a lot of boyfriends are mainly seen as ‘sluts’. This double standard predisposes women to shame. Stand up against this! What nonsense!!

At least 80% of women in a relationship fantasize about passion and sensuality with a another man. These fantasies are normal and quite healthy. Turning fantasy into reality, however, often causes a lot of hassle and things usually don’t end well.

Additional advantages of meeting with me are:

  • no hassle with men afterwards
  • no hassle with jealous men
  • no hassle with partners
  • no hassle with acquaintances
  • no gossip or exposure

Therefore, opt for a safe solution. Enjoy passion and eroticism with me, Gigolo René. Your secret!!


Combine your visit to the Netherlands or Amsterdam with a few unforgettable, wonderful and exciting hours. Discretion is guaranteed. What happens in the Netherlands will stay in the Netherlands!


For inquiries or to make an appointment you can call, text, whatsapp or signal me on +31 6 138 765 14 or mail to info@gigolo-rene.nl or info@geniet.info

Love to meet you, René