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So you are curious and looking for a gigolo…?
My name is René, welcome to my website!


Over the years I’ve had many satisfying dates with women who booked me for a variety of reasons. Almost all of them thought taking the first step was quite exciting, so it is only natural that you too are tense in the run-up to a date. However, if you need more reassurance, it is possible to put you in touch with women who one day took the same step that you are considering taking.

On the pages ‘gigolo reviews’ and ‘media’ you can find experience stories (magazines, papers, glossies) and authentic references. After our first contact I will send you pictures.


My name is René. I am a 45 year old single man with no children.
Women I had appointments with described me as an attractive, sociable, attentive man with a good sense of humor. My complexion is white with blue gray eyes and dark brown hair. I am 1.78 m tall and weigh 74 kg, have no facial hair, no tattoos or piercings. I shave intimately. Other than that I am healthy and fit and I don’t smoke, drink or use drugs. I work as a consultant.

Together with my ex-girlfriend I frequented swingers clubs in the Netherlands and abroad for 10 years. I made love to many women during this period and I received many compliments from them on my love skills. Through these positive reviews, the experience gained and my ex-girlfriend’s encouragement, I finally decided to share my skills as a gigolo. I am not a player or macho. I am rather gentle and sweet.


I have a lot of experience with inexperienced women. Sometimes due to circumstances, culture or other causes in life, things are such that experiencing intimacy and sex has not or hardly ever occurred. I gradually introduce you to physical intimacy. Break through your own shyness and imposed standards of decency.

Women who have difficulty with intimacy and sex caused by sexual violence or vaginismus, and who take the brave step to make an appointment, have also come to the right place with me. I am sweet and careful and have the experience and all the patience in the world to make you blossom and open up.


An appointment takes about 3 hours and my rate is €300,- all-inclusive. There is no time pressure and if the appointment is overrun, no extra costs will be charged. The rate includes all necessities and travel and parking costs.


I solely practice safe sex and take condoms with me when we meet and hygiene is of course of paramount importance. I get tested for STDs at the GGD (Dutch public health care organization) twice a year. These tests have always turned out negative. Regarding Covid, my vaccinations and boosters are up to date.


An appointment with a gigolo is legal in the Netherlands, unlike in many other countries. Please rest assured that I will never call or email you unsolicited. An appointment with me is anonymous and I am 100% discreet and trustworthy. What happens in the Netherlands…………stays in the Netherlands!


For inquiries or to make an appointment you can call, text, whatsapp or signal me on +31 6 138 765 14 or mail to info@gigolo-rene.nl or info@geniet.info

With love, René