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Gigolo Reviews

In the reviews below you can read how women experienced an appointment with me. The first names are fictional.


Life sometimes takes a different turn than expected. Due to circumstances I haven’t been sexually active for a couple of years, however the feelings stay. Missed the intimacy a lot. Did not feel like having a relationship, but more what defines one. Even I overcame my shame and made an appointment. Soon followed a second one….. Amazing to be loved from head till your toes again and Wow! Respectful, loving, tender and knowing (without having difficult conversations) how a woman should be loved. In short, pamper yourself and enjoy!


The is this taboo to dates like these were women get to enjoy eroticism as well. If it doesn’t fit your lifestyle now but in a relationship, than it can give you so much more. You’re doing this out of own needs. The 3 dates I had with Rene, and I see this from my heart, have given me much more than I had expected. He makes you experience so much more…….


We have experienced our booking in Amsterdam with ‘Gigolo Rene’ as real nice. Compliments from Richard for Rene his behaviour towards me, felt like a completion to us. Is was all okay. We are already looking forward to a new date. It will be wilder and naughtier…………………. Evelien and Richard.


Gigolo Rene, thank you for contributing to this great feeling. I have never felt as complete as a woman and I have a smile on my face that does not want to go away! You gave me a beautiful, tender and erotically treesome-experience and I love Arnold even more than I did before. Already looking forward to our next party. Stephanie and Arnold.

Cecile Brussels

I am a single, higher-educated woman of 41. I look good, have an interesting job and great friends. My most important reason to find a MALE ESCORT is because I search for the security, affection, and great lovemaking. A one-night-stand might give you sex on a short-term however a lot of man are bad lovers. However, in Rene I have found the perfect man who can give me both physically as well intimacy satisfaction whenever I need it.


For me, my date with Rene was an exciting and passionate boyfriend experience, that did so much for me. I truly popped the bottle. To my own surprise I can’t stop thinking about having sex with attractive men. This probably is because I have neglected this feeling for so many years in my bad marriage with my ex. I am glad that I have regained my freedom and I am enjoying this to the fullest. I want to make up for lost time. The appointment with male escort Rene was very learning; I saw how he handled everything and I now have an idea of how I would like to have it.

Carmen Amsterdam

While I can’t undo the sexual abuse that happened to me, I figured I could try to deal with it. Gigolo/sex coach René helped me with this in a very nice and soft way. We had a few dates and thanks to him, I can now enjoy intimacy and being touched again. I feel more confident and ready to start dating a little bit.


VIRGIN & GIGOLO. 34 years old and still a virgin. It became more and more a thing. My life has turned out like this, but of course I also wished to experience what everyone is so excited about. Tinder or dating apps were too scary for me, so I started looking for a professional. Gigolo René’s site really appealed to me and after a long hesitation I finally sent him that app. The rest is history; we had an appointment and it was a big success. René initiated me wonderfully into the world of intimacy and sex. It was so nice with him, he is very sweet and at the right moments also very decisive. Now I can move on, very happy that I took the step!

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